Darijus Skaudickas

18 year work experience
Specialisation / field of interest:

– inflammation of urinary tract such as prostatitis, cystitis, urethritis, orchitis, epidemic, sexually transmitted diseases diagnostics and treatment.
– benign prostatic hyperplasia diagnostics and treatment with different medicine, drugs that reduce the size of prostate and improve urinary quality. In case of no improving effect, then recommended surgical treatment is offer.
– prostate, urinary tract, kidney cancer diagnosis and treatment .
– erection and potention problems diagnostics and treatment (with medicine and modern means).
– urinary incontinence especially among women, diagnostics and treatment diagnostic(urinary catheters, stripe implantation).
– diagnostics and treatment of couples suffering from infertility (testicle biopsy, vasoepididymostomy surgery, infertility diagnostics which improve the better flow of spermatozoids).
MPL-11457 Physician urologist
Internships in the USA, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Holland, Japan. Lectures, seminars for physicians and specialists.
Qualification development:
Over the last ten years ten scientific articles have been published in Lithuanian and foreign sources and journals. The first scientific book on sexology Erectice Dysfunction was published by him in Lithuania,

Contemporary and innovative treatment method that reinstates male’ s functional condition

Many men, despite their age, suffer from different kinds of discomfort in their lower pelvis. These are the first symptoms of chronic pelvis pain syndrome: aching in pelvis, as well as urinary and erection dysfunction. These symptoms highly affect male life quality and do not allow leading a normal, healthy male’s life. The diagnostics of those problems and treatment in global practice does not have any unified opinion at the moment. It requires a highly patient cooperation between a patient and a physician applying one or the other treatment scheme.
Such effective new diagnostic and treatment way, based on low intensity wave therapy, affected by electromagnetic principle that boosts the formation of new blood vessels and the expansion of the current ones as well as reducing the inflammation process.
This is one of the first methods in the world that manages to generate focused waves towards the necessary place and their depth. This modern treatment method has been used in the world for some time already, and not yet done in Lithuania.
According to the clinical and scientific research this extracorporeal lithotripsy method is acknowledged and recommend by the European Association of Urology (EAU) and American Urological Association: AUA treatment methodology. The efficiency of different studies reaches up to 70-80 percent.
This is a great chance to take advantage of this possibility to solve out problems which take away our time. Positive emotions and boost self confidence.
Treatment indications:

1. Erection dysfunction.
2. Chronic prostatitis
3. Peyronie disease.

Some links about the methods and its efficiency: