Breast Correction

Mastopexy is a procedure during which excess tissue is removed in order to give sagging bust a nicer form. A surgery is recommended if nipple-areola looks “down”, especially if it is lower the particular wrinkle which is below the breast. Bust form and its elasticity are determined by many different causes, such as loosing weight, feeding, ageing processes: breast ptosis atrophy is aggravated by the inelasticity of overstretched, aged skin; as well as genetics.

Surgery is done under general anaesthesia and lasts up to three hours. The position of a nipple-areola is changed during the surgery raising it to the needed place and removing the excess skin. While sewing up the wound, the contour of a breast is lifted higher giving it a more youthful form. If sagging of a breast is minimal, its form might be corrected with silicon implants making an incision towards nipple-areole and removing the excess skin. In addition, the position of a nipple slightly changes, nipple size is increased and scarring is only around the nipple. If breasts are sagged more, T-form incision might be necessary. It allows removing a larger amount of excess skin. There is a scar around the areole vertically down under the breast.

Post surgery:

  • Limited activity is possible on the next day after the surgery.
  • A patient fully recovers after three-four weeks.
  • A patient should avoid any physical activity for three-four weeks and wear a special bra.
  • A patient is prescribed antibiotics and painkillers
  • Sutures are taken out after one-two weeks.
  • It is recommended to protect a surgical scar from direct sunlight for about half a year

Breast augmentation and augmentation mammoplasty is a plastic surgery which reconstructs or augments breasts. A woman’s breasts lack elasticity and plumpness due to ageing processes, also tend to sag after feeding or losing weight. Women feel lack of self-confidence because of their changed appearance. Therefore the surgery not only returns a woman’s previous body but also helps to get rid of psychological complexes. This surgery is also a great outcome for those who have asymmetric breasts, or one of them did not develop properly or is of a different size.


Breast implants is a way to change the size of breasts with saline or silicone implants. Implants may be a round form or a teardrop form (anatomical). Round implants are great for patients who wish for simple augmentation and already have non-saggy oval form breasts. In the meantime, anatomical teardrop form implants fit women who wish for their upper breast not to stand out.
While augmenting breasts with implants, a surgeon makes an incision, lifts a breast, forms a pocket and places an implant. Before the surgery a surgeon evaluates a woman’s anatomy first. There are three types of surgical incisions: below the breast, in nipple-areole area or armpit. The form and size of the implants is selected according to a woman’s expectations and desires as well as surgical possibilities. Breast augmentation usually takes from one to three hours under general anaesthesia.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a great alternative against implants. This is a natural method to recreate a nicer breast form and augment them with own fat tissue. Complex procedure is done augmenting breasts with fat, first liposuction from places where a woman desires to lose fat is done, which is later used to augment breasts. Most commonly liposuction is done on stomach, waist, back, hips and knees. The procedure is done with special equipment. Transferred fat adapts in the new place and recovers the elasticity and plumpness of a breast making them look fuller.
Typically more than needed amount of fat is injected since only 40 or 60 percent remains; therefore, during the first month breasts might look slightly swollen and later the size stabilises. Seeking for a more visible result, the procedure might be repeated. It should be remembered that breast fat, as all the rest fat, reacts to body mass changes, hormones and due to this a breast form might change in the long run.

Post surgery:

  • Breast are swollen for about two-three weeks.
  • Bandages need to be changed every two-three days.
  • During the first weeks after surgery, a patient should not raise their hands above a head because implants might move.
  • A patient needs to wear a special bra for six weeks after the surgery (22-23 hours a day).
  • Physical activity or sports should be avoided for two-three months.
  • A patient may start working after few days after the surgery avoiding any intense movement and not to raise hands.


Breast reduction and reduction mammoplasty is a plastic surgery for reducing the size of saggy breasts which lack elasticity by re-establishing their natural form. This surgery is not only done for aesthetic purposes when breasts are too large but also for physical discomfort: back-pain, breathing problems or skin rashes under the breasts. The surgery is done under the general anaesthesia removing the excess of breast tissue and part of skin, the saggy nipple is lifted. The surgery lasts for two-three hours, the surgeon chooses the optimum method after evaluating a patient. Breast reduction surgery can be completed using anchor style incision or T-form, or vertical incision. The incision is sewn with dissolvable stitches which leaves almost invisible scars.

Post surgery:

  • A patient can return to work after seven-ten days.
  • Physical activity should be avoided for a about a month.
  • Special bra should be worn for four-six months.
  • Post surgical scar needs to be protected from direct sunlight for at least half a year for the scar to be as small as possible.
  • Any bruising or swelling disappear after few weeks.
  • It is recommended to sleep on the back for no shorter than a month.