Correction of protruding ears

Protruding ears is the most common innate ear deformity. It is believed that about five percent of all population has this pathology. The causes for this might be because of the underdeveloped or incorrect form of an ear. Children might undergo this surgery from six years old, since typically at this age, a child’s ear has by 96 percent reached the size of an adult person. The patient undergoes surgery under general anaesthesia, older patients have it under local one. On average, the operation takes about 1-1.5 hours to complete, the initial results are visible immediately, the final result is seen in three to four months. Incision for the surgery is generally made on the back surface of the ear, when incisions are necessary on the front of the ear, they are made within its fold to hide them. After the required incisions are made, otoplasty surgeons rearrange or remove cartilage and any other actions needed to address a particular situation. Once this is complete, surgeons use sutures to close the incision.

Post surgery:

  • Post surgery patient is released home the same day.
  • Post surgical scar is almost invisible, since it is in the back of an ear.
  • After the surgery bandages will be applied to fixate the ears in a new position, this bandage should be worn for one week, after it, only at night up to two weeks.
  • Minimum post surgical pain lasts for one-three days, which might be eased by pain killers.
  • The stitches are taken out after ten-twelve days, later for four-five weeks it is recommended to wear an elastic fixing bandage around the ears.
  • It is recommended to avoid sports for few weeks, since any unexpected hit might damage the new form of an ear and cause bleeding.