Cosmetic dentistry

COSMETIC DENTISTRY is a field of odontology that helps improving the appearance of teeth, gums or bite. It focuses on tooth colour, position, shape, size and alignment and other.

    • AESTHETIC FILLING is a procedure during which a dentist reinstates any dental defects with the highest quality fillings. Most commonly front teeth undergo this procedure after various severe damages, caries or breaking. This procedure helps solving many problems such as changed colour, old fillings, anatomic issues and many others. Since only the highest quality fillings are used in this procedure, after it teeth look significantly better and much more natural than the prosthetic ones. Aesthetic filling is a great alternative to prothesis.
    • VENEERS are the best and the most reliable methods of cosmetic dentistry. Veneers are an option for closing gaps, enhance shape, or change of colour of teeth. If dental anomalies are minor then this method might be used to straighten crooked teeth. Veneers are ultra thin, laminated that are connected directly to the teeth which help creating amazing smile. Dental laminates maintain their primary colour even throughout the years. In addition, they stand out with their firmness, natural look and longitivtiy. Importantly once this method is applied, the large part of a tooth’s natural tissue is maintained.
    • TEETH WHITENING is a cosmetic teeth lightning procedure.
      Teeth waiting methods:

      • ZOOM SYSTEM is a professional teeth bleaching system. It stands out because it bleaches dentine and enamel which fill in small dental defect but do not change the structure of a tooth. During the process the calcium jones that are in the bleaching gel fill in small dental defects and makes enamel shinier and the surface becomes more equal. After the procedure teeth often become less sensitive, in addition, caries which is at its initial stage might even disappear. Moreover, hard dental tissue is not damaged during the procedure. LED lamp does not heat up during the bleaching procedure, therefore, it is not harmful at all to dental pulp. A professional tooth whitening gel is applied to a patient’s teeth followed by LED light to activate the gel and help it penetrate into the tooth. The procedure might take up to an hour and a half. This procedure is perfect for people who wish to have white teeth instantly. It is also suitable in cases when other teeth whitening procedures are not as efficient. For example, when teeth have very dark spots on enamel due to coffee or smoking. Teeth might become lighter by eight shades after only one procedure.
      • TOOTH WHITENING STRIPS is a procedure done at howe. A doctor makes teeth imprints during the first visit, according to which individual strips are made. The strips are transparent ones that cover all teeth. Before a patient puts them on, they are filled with whitening material. The duration depends on how long a patient wears them on their teeth, if a patient wears strips twice four hours each day, then the process lasts for two or three weeks, if they wear it at night, then five – ten times might be enough.
      • LASER TEETH WHITENING is one of the most advanced and the least harmful teeth whitening procedures. Only one of two visits to the doctor lasting 3o minutes each might be enough for white teeth. The treatment involves an effective soaking the teeth in a whitening solution which penetrates the teeth and breaks up the stains making the teeth look whiter. The laser treatment includes protecting the patient’s gums and lips with a rubber or plastic guard. A laser operates as an activator only strengthens the effect of a whitening gel, therefore, a maximum effect is achieved during a short period. In addition, due to a short period of whitening gel application, the risk of damage decreases. After the procedure, teeth might be a bit more sensitive, however, it goes away after few days.
        After any whitening procedure, the surface of a tooth becomes drier therefore, one should avoid any colouring food (coffee, strong tea, cacao) or drink them with a straw. In addition, in order to maintain teeth white all the time,, it is sometimes recommended to apply whitening mouthguard.