Endoprosthesis of the shoulder joint

Endoprosthesis of the shoulder joint is a shoulder surgery to restore normal function of the shoulder joint when its surface is worn-out. The best result is achieved with the total joint replacement (both parts of the joint are replaced). During shoulder replacement surgery, the worn-out humeral head cartilage and scapulothoracic joint parts are replaced with artificial components and attached to the muscle group.
In Lithuania, the newest technologies and methods of treatment are applied. Lithuanian specialists are highly appreciated in Europe and other continents.

During postoperative period (doctor sets the period of immobilization), a patient should wear arm brace and do special rehabilitation exercises. After postoperative period, rehabilitation is prescribed.

Rehabilitation is carried out according to the program, which informs when you can start moving and lifting your hand, how much weight you should lift.

    • Medical treatment is prescribed to prevent pain and complications.
    • Kinesiotherapy – involves creating individual programs for muscle force and stamina increasing, as well as improving the amplitude of movements and operated joint functions.
    • Physiotherapy – electrostimulation, cryotherapy, hydrotherapy. These procedures activate healing processes and circulation of the blood, stimulate tissue, suppress inflammation and pain, increase muscle tonus.
    • Ergotherapy – for training occupational skills.