Implantation of teeth

TEETH IMPLANTATION is a method to restore the missing teeth. Tooth implants are metal posts, similar to screws, which are placed into a jaw and replace natural roots of teeth. They also serve as a support for the dentures (crowns, bridges and plates). Tooth implants are made of titanium alloy, which is very strong, resistant to corrosion and biologically suitable for a human body. With a proper care, these implants can la

Implants can be placed not only into the lower jaw but also into the upper, for patients of any age with a fully formed jaw (usually from age 18). Tooth implants can replace the roots of one, several or even all missing teeth. They fully restore the function of chewing, aesthetical view and protects from deterioration of the jaw bone.

This procedure involves surgical intervention (placing the implant into the bone), thus a patient should be healthy enough, have healthy gums and adequate jaw size. Detailed dental consultation is a must before the implantation. In order to evaluate the situation, X-ray examination is applied.
Usually the whole procedure of teeth implantation lasts four months. During that period, a patient should visit the doctor 4-5 times. Teeth implantation can be divided into two phases:

I Surgical:

  • During the surgery, tooth implants are screwed in the alveolar jaw bone. Implantation of one dental implant lasts 20-30 minutes, if a patient has a healthy oral cavity and a suitable jaw bone. Implantation procedure is done under the local anesthesia or stronger anesthesia, if necessary. After anesthesia, gums are lifted in order to create space for the implant screwing. Lastly, the wound is stitched.
  • One week after procedure (when the oral cavity is fully healed), sutures are removed and oral cavity is examined. Several months are needed for the bone to grow around the implant. When these months pass, dental crown can be placed on the implant. In this period the most important aspect is to keep the implant from pressure because body can reject it.

II Prosthetics:

  • When the implant is fully healed (after 3-6 months), process of gum formation starts. The implant is uncovered and a support for the gums is placed on top of it. Patients have to be with that support for 2-3 weeks, till the gums start to form around the implant.
  • When gums are properly formed, patient’s dental arch impression is made to produce a suitable dental crown.
  • The produced dental crown is adjusted and fixed to the tooth implant.