Laser eye surgery

LASER EYE SURGERY  is an effective and painless way to improve visual acuity. This surgery has been applied since 1989. Each year several million of such corrections are done in the whole world. Patients are guaranteed with a fast result because of modern technologies, which are used in the most advanced clinics of Germany, Switzerland and other European countries.

During surgery, laser beam is affecting the surface layer of cornea, therefore, the enclosure of cornea and refraction of light is changed. The light rays, passed through the optical system of the eye, converge in the retina and the vision improves. Laser eye surgery can be applied for patients between 18 and approximately 45 years old. Nearsightedness and farsightedness must be stable for at least one year and patients must have no other illness which might influence vision. Recommendations are from -8 to +3 diopters, form and type of cornea might affect the choice for the method of surgery, which lasts about 20 minutes.

AFTER SURGERY: It is recommended to avoid strenuous exercises with eyes, dust, rubbing your eyes. They must be regularly moisturized with eye drops. Going home is allowed on the same day.
After laser eye surgery, vision gets better in 12 – 48 hours. The surgery itself does not cause any unpleasant sensations and disorganize the usual daily activities, depending on the chosen method of vision. After three days, patients can get back to the full daily routine (drive or go to work).