Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a long term painless removal of hair using laser. Lasers can selectively target and remove dark, coarse hairs and their follicles which form the hair. This kind of hair removal allows removing hair for a long time without damaging any skin, and avoiding any rashes or in-grown hair. One laser impulse may remove few hair follicles. Every impulse lasts for about a second, therefore, the procedure is very quick. Only hair which in the growing phase are affected during this procedure (hair in rest phase cannot be affected), therefore, on average four to eight procedures might be needed, which should be repeated every four to six weeks in order to achieve the long term effect. Emitting a laser impulse, the skin is cooled down with dynamic cooling way. Cooling fluid is applied before the impulse and cools down the skin, so the skin is not damaged, while the feeling of burning is minimal.

Before the procedure:

  • One should not have any waxing, plucking or electrolysis procedures two-four weeks before the laser procedure. In order to make this procedure successful, hair roots need to be in the skin and may not removed in advance.
  • One should avoid sun expose or sunbeds three-four weeks before the procedure, the skin should not be tanned
  • Hair need to be only few millimetres long so that laser rays reach the follicle, therefore the place cannot be waxed or plucked.

After the procedure skin might be red or swollen. One might cool it down with ice in order to reduce the discomfort. One should avoid any direct sunlight or tanning in sunbeds for about six weeks after the procedure and apply sunblock creams (SPF 50).