DENTAL PROSTHETICS is related to restoring the anatomical form and colour of dental hard tissues when a tooth starts to decay because of congenital or acquired pathology. It is impossible to restore the tooth with dental filling materials. Dental prosthesis is always applied after the dental implant procedure, in order to restore the aesthetic appearance of the tooth and its function. There are two types of dentures: fixed and removable. The type is chosen according to the number of remaining natural teeth and their condition. Dentures can be made of metal, zirconia and ceramic. Mobile dentures can be made of various constructions.

Fixed dentures. Fixed dentures (dental crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays) are fixed to the natural teeth or implants by dental cement or screws.
It is not necessary to remove them before daily oral hygiene. Dental crowns are placed on the polished natural teeth.

  • These crowns are applied when dental fillings are not effective, a piece of the tooth breaks off, bite needs to be corrected or in order to restore the normal form of undeveloped teeth. During the application, decayed hard tissues of the tooth are removed, dental impression is taken from the polished tooth and, according to that dental impression, crown is adjusted.
  • Inlays and onlays are used to renew the missing piece of the tooth when dental crown is damaged and dental filling can be ineffective. Inlays and onlays are aesthetically effective because it is possible to choose the colour.
  • tal bridge restores the normal function of the teeth and supports them by merging into groups, regulating the load of chewing and correcting the bite. Bridge is applied on at least two polished teeth. During the application, several teeth are polished, temporary crowns are made to protect the polished teeth and eventually follow the cementation of the produced dental bridge.

Removable dentures. Removable dentures are applied when it is impossible to use fixed dentures on natural teeth or implants. Removable dentures can be complete (for patients who are missing all of their teeth) as a plate or partial, which are fixed to the closest teeth with special hooks. These dentures require a proper care because they tend to wear down.