Strabismus surgery

Strabismus is a constant or periodic eye’s deviation from the common fixation point and is followed by misalignment of the eyes towards the same object. Eyes may look outward, inward, downward or upward; Strabismus surgery is applied when crossed eyes cannot be fixed by a conservative treatment.

Main strabismus surgery groups are the ones which concentrate on loosening or tightening of extra-ocular muscles. The method of treatment depends on the condition of eyes and magnitude of the eye turn. It is discussed individually with every patient, whether the surgery will be applied to one eye and only several muscles of it, or to both eyes. During surgery, small incision is made into conjunctiva, in order to reach the muscles. Surgery is performed under a local anaesthesia and lasts about one hour.
Cosmetic improvement is achieved when the patient’s eyes gained a straight and aligned appearance or the magnitude of the eye turn is under degree seven.

POSTOPERATIVE PERIOD: After the surgery, patients recover quite fast. It is possible to get back to their daily activities after only a few days. For the more difficult cases of strabismus, several surgeries might be made. In some cases, glasses will still be needed after surgery.