Urologic diseases

This disease or condition group is probably the most stigmatized and full of inner fears. However these disorders are no different from others. Patients can bravely enter the doctor’s cabinet and expect professional and comprehensive help when coping with illness as well as complexes associated with it.

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION is a constant or repetitive inability of a man to make or keep the penis erect during the sexual intercourse. This dysfunction is related to age and the exact type of it as well as the treatment method are determined during a visit to an urologist based on the symptoms, laboratory blood tests results, echoscopy or the penile brachial index.

The treatment is often medical. If medicine is ineffective, penis pumps or penile implants can be used.

Don’t say goodbye to your usual sexual life and allow our highly qualified specialists to take care of your masculinity and joy of the pleasures a full life offers!

PROSTATITIS is an inflammation of the prostate which can be acute bacterial, chronic bacterial and chronic nonbacterial. The disease manifests itself through pain at the bottom of the pelvis and at the genital area, changed and painful urination, ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. These symptoms might disrupt the usual sexual life and spiritual condition. If the acute disease is not treated it can turn into a chronic one. So do not delay a visit to a professional urologist who will identify the reasons of the ailment, appoint the effective treatment and you will again be able to enjoy excellent mental and physical health!

URINARY INCONTINENCE is an unintentional or uncontrolled passing of urine due to weakened muscle tone of the sexual or urinary tract. It is another of many subjects that patients are very sensitive about. This dysfunction usually occurs with age but there are many other reasons (nervous system illnesses, surgeries, etc.). It is important not to get scared and approach a urologist who will select the most suitable treatment method which will bring your previous life quality back.

URINARY TRACT INFECTION is a bacterial infection localized in any part of the urinary tract: from uretha to kidneys. In most cases it is caused when the immune system weakens. Depending on the area where it manifests itself, it can cause pain, changes in urination and urine, high temperature with chills, nausea and sickness. If not treated for too long it may cause urosepsis and multiple organ failure, therefore do not start self-treatment or wait until you feel better. Let the professionals take care of your health – the most precious thing you have! Correct and timely diagnosis helps to treat the disease using antibiotic therapy and after the course you will be able to return to your normal pace of life.