Vaginal candidiasis

Vaginal candidiasis (thrush) is one of the most common fungal infections, approximately 98% of people have this disease. There is a higher risk that the infection can manifest if a person has weakened immune system and normal vaginal flora is disturbed, has diabetes, wears tight, synthetic clothes, panty liners, takes antibiotics or hormonal contraception. For women, vaginal candidiasis manifests more often before or after the menstrual period and after intense sexual intercourse, especially with vaginal dryness. The fungus causes inflammation in vagina, at the head or foreskin of the penis.


  • the most common symptoms are itching on the external genital organs and white, curd-like discharge;
  • redness on the vaginal opening;
  • minor rashes, itchiness, burning;
  • frequent urination;
  • men can have rash on the head of the penis, itchiness, curd-like discharge on the foreskin when it is pulled back.

DIAGNOSIS: taken samples from vagina, urinary meatus and foreskin are tested with a microscope or by molecular diagnostics.

TREATMENT: vaginal candidiasis is treated with topical creams, vaginal suppositories or pills. However, the infection can recur. Sexual partners of the infected person are also treated.