Wrinkle removal

Skin wrinkles is a natural and inevitable process which is determined by decreasing amount of protein collagen and elastin that hydrate the skin and make it more elastic. After 25 years these elements stop renewing in a human’s body; therefore, the skin loses elasticity and wrinkles start to appear, skin loses its smoothness. Different kinds of procedures are done to remove wrinkles:

    • Wrinkle correction with botulinum toxin is a non-surgical correction of mimic wrinkles using botulinum toxin injections. A thin needle with botulinum toxin is injected into a needed place and it relaxes mimic muscles; it relaxes the signals sent to a muscle which keeps muscles from contracting; therefore wrinkles become relaxed and smooth themselves out. The procedure lasts for thirty minutes. In order to carefully detect the injection points, a patient is asked to show a variety of mimics. Before the injection, a special numbing cream is be applied. The effect of the botulinum toxin is visible in few days or a week; therefore, the result is not there immediately. The result stays for up to four to six months. If repeating these procedures, the effect lasts longer; however, after the procedures are finished, the muscles return to their previous state.
      Typically botulinum toxin injections correct horizontal forehead wrinkles, vertical ones between the eyes, the neck, around the eyes, nose and lip wrinkles.
      Undesired effect are small bruises in the injection place, temporary swelling around eyelids, headache and nausea.
    • Wrinkle correction with hyaluronic fillers correct deeper nose and lip wrinkles, as well as the ones around the eyes, forehead, face oval, cheeks and face contour. Hyaluronic filler injections fill in the missing skin tissue spots. Naturally hyaluronic acid is in our skin, hydrating and making it tight and elastic. However once the body begins ageing, the amount of it decreases in our body since it is unable to produce it anymore, the skin loses hydration, elasticity and turns saggy. Due to that wrinkles appear, cheek skin sags down and lips become thinner. Stabilised hyaluronic acid serves as a problem solver in such cases. During one procedure from six up to fifteen injections are made into different facial muscles. The procedure is painless since the acid is injected in small quantities with a very thin needle. The procedure lasts up to thirty minutes, wrinkles disappear in four to seven days, the effect is felt from nine up to eighteen months; in order to achieve long term effect, it is recommended to repeat the injections.
    • Laser wrinkle removal is a resurfacing procedure of mimic and ageing face wrinkles with a dermatological laser. A patient is under a local anaesthesia during the procedure, special numbing cream is applied on skin. A skin turns red, swollen and might have a sense of burning right after the procedure; therefore, some time should be given for rehabilitation after the it, while another skin layer forms. Skin begins its rejuvenation process after two-three days, it peels off, mild dryness and sore might be felt. After one week there might be light tension, small wrinkles begin to disappear, skin becomes more elastic, tight and healthy. The number of procedures depends on how deep the wrinkles are. After the procedure the depth decreases few times. Meanwhile the best effect is achieved in the epidermis.
    • Ultrasound skin tightening is a new non-surgical, non-invasive procedure which is done using ultrasound. It does not require any healing or post surgical care. Skin tightening with ultrasound does not harm the surface of the skin and aims its energy towards the deeper tissue where it stimulates collagen regeneration. Ultrasound procedure stimulates deep structural skin layers which is a natural regeneration process, encouraging the growth of new collagen fibres which “lifts” and tightens skin in the long term. The results after the procedure are noticeable in two-three months and might only improve up to six months after the procedure. The result remains for at least two years.